Rubin Way Blockchain to verify identity of Buyers and Sellers irrefutably.

International trade in terms of communication has never been easier! That is of course a good thing however it has also led to unprecedented cases of fraud, scams and identity theft. Rubin Way (International trading and supply chain management company) is truly passionate about taking the bad guys out of business.

- How do we know a supplier is reputable?

- How does a supplier know a buyer is who they say they are?

The short answer is we don't, we can do some checks and ask for some information to verify but at the end of the day there is still a leap of faith to be taken on both sides. For the most part this works but sadly the cases where it does not are rising rapidly which is fuelling serious crime. Really not good!

One of the most exciting solutions to this problem is in the works from Rubin Way . The first step in their innovative and forward thinking approach is identity verification on the blockchain ledger. This cannot be altered or hacked, only further truths can be appended to same.

Check out for more on a truly secure trading environment. If you have any comments or questions, drop me a message. I'll be happy to discuss with you.

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